Adelaide is a wonderful place with a huge diversity of plants and trees. Though sometimes the dry, hot heat is not the best for some species of plants. That is why when you are planning a garden for your Adelaide property, you should consider native plants. Here are a few reasons why native trees and plants work so well in Adelaide:

Attract Wildlife

It is possible to encourage the native wildlife to return to your local area through providing them with food and shelter over the course of the year. You can expect to see a wide variety of frogs, reptiles, small animals, bats, insects and birds in good native gardens.

Select plants that are adapted to the rainfall, soil and conditions in your local area. It is ideal to have plants that are indigenous within your local area. Over thousands of years they have evolved along with wildlife and help one another to survive.

When you are planning your garden try creating various layers of vegetation for shelter and shade. Also ensure that you have something that flowers all year around. Prickly or dense shrubs offer small birds protection and nectar-producing plants attract butterflies and insects.

There is one to two Eucalypti species that are the main food source for wild koala populations. They can eat as many as half a kilo worth of leaves a day. So you will be doing the koalas that are in your area a huge favour by planting one of these trees.

Bushfire resistant

If you happen to rise in an areas with high bushfire risk, then you need to stay aware of any potential risks to you throughout fire season. Plants also needs to be considered when it comes to your fire protection plan. Plants can all burn, but if you choose your plants carefully you can reduce your risk from bushfires substantially.

When landscapes for bushfires, it involves lots of planning, designing, managing and plant the areas that are around your house. The ongoing maintenance, type and location of the vegetation can significantly impact the risk of bushfire to any home.

When properly chosen, located and maintained:

– Fire retardant plants will absorb a majority of an approaching fire’s heating without burning.

– Trees that are fire retardant can help to reduce the speed of the wind and trap sparks and embers near your home.

– Ground covers that are fire retardant can slow the speed of how fast a fire travels through the litter.

Water Efficiency

One of our most valuable natural resources is water. It is increasingly expensive and often scarce. In order to save resources and money, individuals are searching for ways to drought-proof their gardens and plant species that can survive on just rainfall.

Native plants are ones that have adapted to our local environmental conditions. Compared to exotic plants, they don’t need as much water to thrive. It makes a lot of sense to select plants that are well-suited to your local environment’s water conditions.

Replacing Native Trees

It’s a common misconception that tree lopping in Adelaide is not permitted. This is not the case, although there are some rules and regulations involved in┬áthe removal and even trimming of some species of trees in the Adelaide area, you can remove trees if they are deemed to be dying and/or are a danger to public or private persons. If in doubt always contact Adelaide council first before acting.