In terms of water plants, there are beautiful ones for nearly every location in the garden, whether you’d like to have an exotic, Australian native or local indigenous plant. It then comes down to its position – shade or sun; without or with root competition; sandy soils or clay soils; sheltered or protected or exposed and windy.

In general, I recommend you choose a beautiful deciduous tree since we need to have more tress and their summer shade is something I really love but also still let in the winter sun.

The best thing that you can do is select plants that have physical adaptations that can help them cope with the lack of water and heat that we have. Things such as plants that have swollen underground storage organs such as tubers, rhizomes and bulbs (bearded iris and bulbs); plants that have succulent leaves (succulents); waxy or thick leathery leaves (coprosma or carob); needle-like or thin narrow leaves (rosemary); and plants with hair, grey or silver foliage (wormwoods and lavenders).

Plumbago auriculata has pale blue flowers during the autumn and summer for a full sun or shaded aspect that can also withstand heavy competition from roots.

Lantana camara cultivars are the brightest flowers for sunny site that we have. They are pink, yellow and white flowers in addition to yellow and mauve or yellow and red bicoloured cultivars that you can use for either tall hedges up to 3 metres or ground cover plants up to 30cm.

Laurestinus or Viburnum tinus is a white fragrant winter white flowering evergreen shrub that grows up to 3m tall that can thrive in either full sun or dense shade in any soil.

Westringia (Native rosemary) – Not too many shrubs flower in both shade and sun, grow in clay or sandy soils and also thrive on very small quantities of water. The Westringia family, is a group of native shrubs which produces small grey green or green leaves as well as attractive long lasting blue or white flowers. Westringias can grow well in a majority of gardens as well as adapt to hedging or topiary work.

Rosemary officinalis – This plant is an old fashion favourite, mainly due to it being able to thrive in a broad range of various gardening situations. Sun loving plants need to have excellent drainage. The rosemary plant produces masses of blue brilliant flowers and small aromatic leaves. There are many different forms, including spreading and upright.

Murraya paniculata – This shrub is very useful and features perfumed citrus-like flowers and attractive dark green leaves. It grows 3-4m x 2-3m, and you can also trim or prune it to grow to just about any size or shape. It thrives in both semi-shade or full sun. Very tolerant to both drought and heat.

Garden Planning

Have got some old trees that have dried out and possibly died?

Sometime we do need to remove trees that are old and damaged, there are rules and tree regulations to this. You need to look up the rules for your local Adelaide council and act accordingly.

If you do need to remove some trees from your Adelaide property – for more detailed information visit to find out more about our services.