Trusty Tree Services

Australia has a hot and dry climate at times. Clearing of areas near you of dead trees and shrubs that could potentially start a fire is one way of doing this. You could also check each tree in your vicinity for large dead branches that are in risk of falling if it gets too windy.

However, not all the dead trees especially the bigger ones are easy to cut down and dispose. This task requires proper tools and experience to remove safely without causing damage to nearby property. In such an instance, it is important to get the services of a tree pruning professional.

Additionally there are times when a tree becomes a threatening danger to a property and needs to be removed for the safety of the occupants.

Our professional arborists have proper training and have extensive experience in the latest cutting and pruning techniques. Our aim is to provide a stress-free experience by using the latest equipment and hiring only the best tree loppers available.

Tree lopping refers to trimming different tree sections (e.g. cutting branches away, shortening trunks, etc.) We have two clashing opinions about this practice in Australia – some people believe that tree lopping is a beneficial practice while others feel that it needs to be avoided whenever possible.

Our Technique

We methodically remove sections of the tree, taking it apart one piece after the other until even the biggest tree has been dismantled safely. Controlling the demolition in this manner helps us to ensure the safety of our climbers as well as preserving the integrity of your grounds, avoiding costly damage from uncontrolled extraction. Besides the missing tree, you would not believe that we were ever there.

Our Range of Services

Land Clearances – We provide property owner with land clearing services as sometimes development requires a clean slate.

Stump Clearing – After the lopping process is complete there will be a stump leftover. By removing the stump you can re-use the are with ease.

Ttrimming and Pruning – Sometimes you need a gentle touch to trim branches in a methodical way.

Wood Chipper – Once your tree is gone it’s important to replace the area with a nice garden – wood chipping allows you to add mulch which is a valuable addition to any garden.


1. How Much Do Your Services Cost?

The cost depends on the size of the tree, the extent of machinery needed for safe extraction, and access to the location. For smaller jobs, projects average $500 and increase based on the scale of the work. Schedule a no-obligation evaluation today and we will provide an honest assessment.

2. Do you get rid of logs, branches, and debris?

You will not believe that we were ever there. We remove all the broken limbs, debris, and torn soil and dispose it efficiently. We are glad to convert the trees we remove t firewood and mulch right there on your property.

3. Will I Need A Permit?

Prior to removing a tree, most councils do require a permit. This depends on the size of the tree, its age, and proximity. Our staff have a great understanding of this area and will help with all the necessary paperwork.

4. What Is Your Availability?

Following an assessment, most quotes are usually delivered within 1 to 3 days. We expect to finish the work within 2 weeks. Priority jobs can be scheduled ahead of time.

5. Can You Give Me A Quote Over The Phone?

Accurate quotes are dependent on personal assessment. We are glad to offer a rough estimate depending on the size of your tree.

6. Do We Get To Keep The Mulch/Firewood

Yes! After all, it is still your tree.

7. Do You Work On The Weekends?

The scheduled work will depend on availability and existing contracts.

8. Do You Do Stump grinding As Part Other Services?

Removing the stump is a separate service that requires a completely different set of equipment. We do stump removal as a separate service even though we can achieve both during the same visit in most cases.

Cities We Service

Adelaide – Our Adelaide tree lopping services are very important in the area as it is a very dry and hot climate.